We are an association of tour guides who have been passionately carrying out guided tours around Belgium for years. Our three « P »: Professionalism, Proficiency, and Passion.


Our guides are members of the Belgian federation of tourist and museum guides «Guides et médiateurs culturels de Belgique asbl». Our commitment, transparency, and professionalism have also been gratified by the recognition of the title « Fair Guides ». The high quality of our guided tours is guaranteed by years of experience and training.

By relying on Italian Guides in Belgium for your trip, you will have the certainty of being welcomed with seriousness, proficiency, and passion.

« I met Sara and Francesco during several tours in Belgium. Both of them are excellent guides, and professionals, with a great cultural background, and can generate empathy and interest in the group of travelers. Sara and Francesco are very helpful guides and attentive to the needs of the group, always respecting the directives given to them by the tour operator or by the tour leader of the group. Absolutely recommended and definitely the best in Belgium!!! »


« Raffaela guided us to the discovery of Brussels on a day tour that she specially adapted to our needs: we wanted to live a different experience than the one traditionally offered by the other guides and Raffaela fully met our expectations. Impeccable competent, professional, and punctual. Definitely to be recommended! «